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Establish in 1980, Ta Lai Sporting Goods Enterprise Co., Ltd. specialized in manufacturing all kinds of lumbar supporter for medical and sports use and also provide a wide selective range of protective support for wrist, elbow, knee, ankle and waist. Moreover, the antental and post-delivery waist belts for women are also avaliable.

Since 1983, we focus on promoting and exporting our products to international markets sysmatically with an enormous effort by maintain best quality of each item, which licensed under our trade mark Jasper.

In June 1998, Jasper product is the first Asian brand, which has certified by a numerous globally recognized auditors as who represented for the meeting of international Standard of Excellence.

Therefore, we have proudly passed CE, ISO14001, ISO9001 / ISO13485 and yet FDA was registered in the year 2000.

Now we have more than 50 agents widely spread in North America, Europe, asia and Australia, we welcome you to join Jasper family and together we will bring a healthy lifestyle to the world!

Contact us now: we welcome any of your enquiry no matter for Jasper brand name or OEM.